If you are unhappy with your order, the first thing you should do is contact the seller to let them know. In most cases, a seller will work with the buyer to resolve the issue.

You can contact the seller by going to your Purchases page and then clicking on the Order # that you are unhappy with.  This will bring you to the Order Page where you can leave a message for the seller explaining the issue you are having. Once you do this, please allow the seller four days (96 hours) to respond.  

If the seller  does refuses to  issue you a refund, then it is important for you to:

Contact your payment provider as soon as possible to request a refund. You payment provider is the service you used when you sent payment for the  order. For example, PayPal.  

If the seller does not respond to your message in 4 days (96 hours), then a blue "Seller not responding?" link will appear under the message box on the order page. You can click this link to send an automated message to the seller notifying him that a response is needed. If a response is not given, the seller's account will be suspended until the issue is resolved.  If you choose to use this link, it is highly recommended that you also contact your payment provider using the information above to get your money back.