Wie kann ich mein gesamtes Inventar auf einmal bearbeiten und exportieren?

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You have two options to export and edit your inventory:

  • Use our export feature. Your inventory will be exported to a spreadsheet, where you can make changes or add new listings and then upload the changes back into your inventory. From your Dashboard select Export then Marketplace Inventory from the dropdown menu.the image shows the export menu where the user can select the Marketplace inventory option and the download button
  • Or, from your Inventory page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Export CSV".

the image shows the import and export option that is present in the inventory page

Note: The start date is inclusive, and the export goes up to - but does not include - the end date.

If you want to import the .csv file, select the Bulk Upload feature on the Inventory page, select one of the available options (depending on whether you want to add, change or delete listings) and select “Upload and process file”.

the image shows the bulk upload feature and the different options that can be selected like add, change and delete listing. It shows also the button upload process and file

You will see a banner that confirms the process.

the image shows the banner confirmation of the bulk upload process

Once the inventory has been uploaded, you will see the file in your Recent uploads. You can select View Results to see the results.

the image shows the recent uploads feature where the user can see the most recent uploaded file


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