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The Reviews feature allows you to post reviews or comments on any release, artist, or label page. You'll see the Reviews section at the bottom of any release, artist, or label page.


General information about reviews & comments

If you are posting a review, tick the box next to "My comment is a review" before you submit. Once you have posted a review or comment, you will see it appear on the page.

If you are posting a comment, you need to make sure your post is on-topic for that release, artist, or label page, and it follows our review guidelines below. Reviews may be removed if they do not meet these guidelines.

There are some additional features on Reviews:

  • Reply - Allows you to reply to a review or comment.
  • Helpful - This option is greyed out on your own reviews or comments, but other users can use it to state they found your review or comment helpful. This feedback will be registered on the review or comment, and may be used to filter or display the reviews and comments at a later date.
  • Edit - Allows you to edit your review or comment.
  • Report - If you see a review that doesn't meet our guidelines, is abusive, or you have written a review yourself that you want to remove, please report it. You can report inappropriate reviews or comments by clicking the downwards-pointing arrow next to the review or comment. Please give a full reason for the removal.


What you should put in your review

Your review should relate directly to the page of the release, artist, or label you are reviewing. Try to compose your review so that it will be interesting to read, and permanently valid.

  • The review should contain a reasonable amount of information about the subject. As a rough guide, a couple of informed sentences is the minimum, the maximum depends on the quality of the writing i.e. if you are going to write three paragraphs, please make them well written, informative, and interesting.
  • All information should be as accurate as possible.
  • Before submitting, check your review for proper capitalization, bad spelling / grammar and lack of punctuation. Be careful with capitalization (don't use A.B.C, use ABC) and ellipses (don't use three periods in a row ..., use the proper ellipse character …).
  • Try to keep the length sensible. One line reviews and "this is the best record ever" should be avoided.
  • If you feel that you must address reviews made by other users, you must ensure that it can stand alone and would make sense if the previous review was removed. You do this when:
    • You do not mention another Discogs user name.
    • You do not quote another user.
    • You do not directly refer to or mention another review.
      It is possible to agree with, counter, elaborate on, etc. the content of reviews made by other users without directly referring to them. Remember that occasionally reviews are deleted for a variety of reasons, so referring to another review or Discogs user may one day invalidate the content of your own review. Artist, release and label pages are not discussion forums, if you must directly address a review then do so by using the Discogs forums or by contacting the relevant Discogs user.
  • Be aware that the review submission box automatically word wraps your text, so you do not need to place line breaks unless forming a new paragraph. Use paragraph spacing to improve the readability of your review.
  • Some of these rules are subjective. Use your judgment alongside these guidelines. Take your time and try to submit a review that other users will find informative and easy to read.

Review and comment guidelines

You shouldn't include the following:

  • This form is NOT to be used to correct any release, artist or label information held in the database. Corrections to the database should be submitted via the "Update" form on the relevant page. Information and trivia about releases such as pressing limitations, colored vinyl, use and origin of samples, packaging, specific and verifiable background information, etc. belongs in the Release Notes or Profile on the relevant page and should also be submitted via the "Edit" form.
  • Unconfirmed rumours, slander, etc. will not be allowed.
  • The review should be free of any material that is subject to Copyright (material for which the author / owner has not given their permission to be published on Discogs), for example, lyrics or release liner notes.
  • Cut-and-pasted reviews from other sites will not be accepted, even if the original source is credited. Reviews should add some unique value to Discogs.
  • Do not use reviews to ask for information or to solicit responses from other users - use the Discogs forums for this. Spam of any kind is not allowed in reviews; please use the Spam group instead.
  • Do not use reviews to attempt to solicit a purchase or sale of the release with other community members.
  • Do not use reviews to ask for information on a Marketplace block.
  • Do not include URLs or email addresses in your reviews - these may become invalid over time and also make the review look ugly.
  • Do not refer to future events/releases that will (once they have happened, or indeed failed to happen) invalidate the content of your review.
  • Do not review on a release's rating, as this may change over time and invalidate the content of your review (also, there is no need for you to include a rating score in the review. Ratings can be viewed by using the links provided on release pages).
  • Do not sign and/or date your reviews. Both your user name and the date of your review will be displayed.
  • Do not paste the same review to multiple versions of the same release. Only enter your review once (to the version that you own or are reviewing).
  • Do not use reviews to speculate on current marketplace supply and demand as these reviews quickly become dated and invalid.
  • No HTML or forum style coding is allowed.


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