Datenbank-Richtlinien 9. Genres / Stile

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Note: Community discussion regarding style requests should take place in the official Style Requests forum thread.


Genres And Styles

9.1.1. Discogs divides music first by genre. We use the word genre for a hierarchal grouping, for example 'Electronic' or 'Rock'. These genres are then further broken down into style. Style is basically the same as a sub-genre, so 'Drum And Bass' is a style of 'Electronic', for example. Discogs aims to limit the number of accepted styles for the style field. This is because excess styles, or sub-sub-genres, cause the drop down list on the submission form to become unmanageable, and more confusing to use.

9.1.2. Genres can be combined, for example, Electronic and Rock to make Electronic Rock.

List Of Genres On Discogs


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