Tipps zum schnellen & einfachen Erstellen von neuen Einträgen

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Submitting a different version of an existing submission:

If you would like to submit a copy of a release that is somewhat similar to an existing entry in the Database, you can use the ‘Copy to Draft’ feature.

There’s a lot in the Database already. But a lot of popular releases were pressed by many different manufacturers and released in many different countries, and each of these represents a unique release on Discogs (and they should be grouped under one Master release).

If you have a release variant, i.e. a version of your release exists in the Database but you have a version on a different format, or from a different country or pressing plant, you can copy all the information from the existing version into a draft submission. Then you only need to update a small amount of information, not create a whole new submission.

Just remember to double check ALL the information in your own submission. If there is information from the copied release that does not exist on yours, you must remove it.

New to the submission process:

If you are new to the submission process, make sure to read the Quick Start Guide For New Contributors.

Read it all the way through before your first submission and stick to filling in only the ‘minimum required fields’ for a new submission (they’re listed in the guide).

Not sure how to do something, and can’t find an answer in the Help Docs:

Should you have additional questions after reading our help documents, please use the Database Forum.

There are so many different fields, guidelines and edge cases it can be hard to keep up. Luckily there is an incredibly deep and rich pool of very experienced people that hang out in the forums. They can help you solve pretty much anything.

With a little experience you can start to work more with more complex releases and issues, but you may still wish to find a more experienced Community member to help review your progress to ensure that you’ve ironed out anything potentially confusing. There is a great diversity of different types of music and challenges that come with contributing them. Our forums are a great resource to connect you with experienced contributors who can help you on your way.

Add the best images you can:

Images, while optional, go a great way to improve the overall value of your submissions.

  • They provide the information needed for voters to confirm your submissions are correct;
  • They allow other contributors to help update information if your submission is incorrect or if you only Submitted the minimum amount of information;
  • They give buyers confidence in your release, which increases sales. Almost nobody buys from Discogs without seeing pictures. Very important if you’re also selling on Discogs.

You can find the information you need to know about adding images to your submission here.


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