Wie Sie ein YouTube Video auf einer Veröffentlichungsseite hinzufügen können

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In order to add videos to a specific release, please remember that you will need to be on a Release page. It is not possible to add videos directly to a Master release page. Please make sure to go to one of the Release pages of the Master to add a video.

Once a video has been added to a Release page, it will automatically be added to the pages of every other release within that same Master release and also be shown on the Master release page.

How To Add And Edit YouTube Videos On Release Pages

If there are no videos on the Release page you will see a link in the YouTube widget, 'Add a Video'.

If there are already some videos you can add more or edit the existing ones by clicking 'Edit'.

Both the 'Add Videos' and 'Edit' links take you to the 'Video Selector' page for that release, where you can search directly on YouTube. The field is automatically filled with the artist and album name, but you can search for anything.

TIP: If you can't see the video in the search results, but you are sure it exists you can search for it using a search engine and paste the full URL in the search field on the Video Selector page.


Click 'Search' to see the first 20 results from YouTube. Click 'More' for the next 20.

To check if the video is the correct one you can click the '▻' symbol on any video in the search results to start playback.

Click the '+' symbol to add it to the Release page.


All videos added to the release are listed in the 'Current Videos' pane on the left side of the screen. Once you have found all the videos you want to add you can order them by clicking and dragging videos in the 'Current Videos' pane.

How To Remove YouTube Videos From Release Pages

To remove a video, click the 'X' on the video in the 'Current Videos' pane. All removed videos are listed in the 'Removed Videos' pane, from where they can be added back to the Release if desired.

Once you are happy with the selection and the ordering, click 'Save Changes' and you will be taken back to the Release page.


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