Einen Artikel über die Android App an Ihre Sammlung hinzufügen

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Adding to your Collection is very easy, especially if you know how to search for your items in a few clicks. You can find out more about it in the How To Search document.

Note: You are only able to add an item to your collection from a Release page. Items cannot be added from a Master page.

On the Android App you do have different options how to add to your Collection. This is how it works:

1) Adding to your Collection from a search result:

  • Make sure to know which exact release you have from the list of releases. On this list, you can use the overflow menu (three buttons at the right of the release) to add the item to your collection (or Wantlist).

  • After tapping on Add to Collection, you will be asked to select the folder you want this item to be added to. Select your preferred folder and it's done: The item will be added to your Collection. Note: If you would like to save all items in the same Collection folder, please go to your settings to select a default folder:

Settings > Profile Settings > Manage Folders > Tap the overflow menu (three dots) of the folder you want to select > Set as default.

2) Adding to your Collection from the release page:

  • When accessing a specific release page, you will see two buttons with the Collection and Wantlist icons within the basic release information: 

If the icons are greyed out, you haven't added this item to your Collection and/or Wantlist yet.

  • Tapping the Add to Collection button will add this release your Collection after you select the folder you want the item in.

Remember that after adding an item to your Collection, you will be able to access this recently added item by tapping on VIEW on the confirmation message that says "Added release to your collection":


From here you can add condition, notes and any other custom fields.


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