Wie Sie Ihre Bestellungen über die Android App verwalten

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As a a seller, managing your orders can happen on-the-go! We have outlined how to take care of your buyers using the Android App in the following document.

Managing your orders

All your orders can be accessed from the main menu: Select Sell Music > Orders.

From here, you can filter or sort this view per status (All, New Order, Buyer Contacted, Invoice Sent, Payment Pending, Payment Received, Shipped, Merged, Order Changed, Refund Sent and Cancelled) and sort the list view by Created (Newest / Oldest), Last Activity (Newest / Oldest) and Buyer (A-Z):

When you receive an order, you will be able to access the order page via a message notification or via your Orders page.

  • All your orders will be set to "Payment Received" if buyers use PayPal as payment method during the checkout process. Orders will be set to "Invoice sent" if buyers use a different payment method you offer. 
  • When a payment is sent, but does not clear right away, PayPal marks this payment as pending. Typically, this is the result of an e-check. The Discogs order page will also reflect this pending payment by updating the order status to Payment Pending. When the payment clears, Discogs will update the order to “Payment Received”. We advise our sellers to wait until the order is set to Payment Received before sending out your items.
  • Please check your bank or PayPal account to confirm the payment has been received and update the status to "In Progress" or "Shipped". To do so, tap the button “Update Status” and select "Payment Received". After this status is set, you are expected to ship the order as soon as possible. You can use the optional status “In Progress” between the Payment Received and the Shipped statuses to let buyers know that their order is being processed, packed or ready to be shipped. You can read more about order status here.
  • When the order is shipped, please update the status to "Shipped":

If you need to cancel an order, you should also use the "Update Status" button and select your cancelation type. For more information about the cancellation type please visit Type of order cancellation

Communicating with your buyer

Communication is key to successful orders and issue resolution!

  • If you need to communicate with your buyer, we recommend doing this via the order page. You will find a designated field to do so, type your message and tap the button “Send Message”.

Leaving feedback

Feedback is very important on Discogs! For this reason, we ask our users to leave feedback only once the order has been completed and any related questions or concerns resolved. 

Once you are ready to leave feedback for a buyer, on the order page, you can scroll down under the item detail section to view the Buyers Username and rating.

  • If the order is eligible to leave feedback you will see a blue icon called Send buyer feedback:

Tap the button and select the type of feedback you want to leave (Positive, Neutral or Negative), then tap Next Step, write a small text that defines your experience with the seller (read here how to leave appropriate feedback) and tap on the green button, Send Feedback:

That's it! The buyer will be happy to receive your feedback.

Help Center

If you have any doubts or questions about your order, you can review our Help Center to find more information about Discogs policies and procedures.

Within these help documents, you will find all the necessary information on how to resolve possible questions you might have.

Contact support

If you have any trouble with your order that cannot be resolved by reading our help documentation, or if the seller is not able to assist you, feel free to contact us via our App Contact Form:

  • If you scroll all the way down on your order page, you can tap “Contact Discogs Support” and select the reason for your message; this will help us filter your request to provide you with the best and most efficient service.


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