Vorzüge zum Konto, Benachrichtigungen und Privatsphäre einstellen

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In some instances, you might want to check your notification and privacy settings and adjust or change them. Please find below a list of instructions on how to do that on Discogs and its related sites:

General note: We don’t send spam and do not permit spam on any of our sites. We comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (US) and applicable international anti-spam regulations.

Discogs.com accounts:

If you would like to update notifications or privacy settings on your Discogs account, you can do so from the setting pages. This is how it works:

  • Notification Settings: Here you can choose how you would like us to communicate with you, including marketing and transactional messaging preferences.
  • User Profile Settings: Your personal information displayed in your profile can be changed here. This includes adding, changing, or removing incorrect data about you, and updating your username and password. 
  • Privacy Settings: Set your privacy preferences for your collection and wantlist, contact by other users and blocking users.
  • Additional settings controls are available in the menu for Collection, Applications, Developers, Buyer, Seller, and Labs.

You have the right to withdraw consent for various services and related activities at any time and may do so by updating the settings noted above.

You may also withdraw consent for marketing emails by selecting the Unsubscribe From Emails button at the bottom of the Notification Settings page or unsubscribing from within the emails themselves.

If you are a seller that works with the Discogs Community Marketing team and entered into its Customer Relationship Management tool, please contact hello@sellers.discogs.com regarding any changes to, or for removal of, your seller information.

You will also be able to adjust your preferences by clicking on the Manage Your Subscription link at the bottom of the email itself.

Discogs.com email subscriptions for non-registered users:

By providing your email address discogs.com, you are signing up to receive Discogs newsletter emails.

In order to stop receiving emails, you can unsubscribe via the link found at the bottom of the emails or the MailChimp preference settings.

VinylHub account:

You can manage the following information related to your account directly from the settings page of the account :

  • Decide if you want others to browse and view your lists (i.e, Following, Visited, and Want to Visit (as applicable));
  • Control email notifications related to your lists, forum threads and submissions you’ve contributed to.

It is optional to withdraw consent for various services and related activities at any time by updating the settings noted above. Furthermore, you can unsubscribe from non-transactional emails (i.e., marketing, Want to Visit, etc.) by clicking the Unsubscribe from Emails button from within the email itself.

NearMint.io account

No notification or marketing emails are currently being sent from NearMint accounts. You can adjust the rest of your account settings and personal details on the Account page.


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