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Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your friend? 🎁 Or you simply want to know what your friends are up to on Discogs? The Friends feature on the iOS App is the best way to keep track of it!📱

✨✨Starting with iOS version 2.8.0, users can now enjoy the improved Friends feature on the go.✨✨

❓❗Do you have questions or feedback about this? Please let us know in the iOS App forums or via Thanks!


Viewing your Friends

From your profile and under your Collection and Wantlist, you are able to view a few of your Friends. Tap on See All to access the Friends page:


From the Friends page you can: 

  • Add users by tapping on the “+” symbol and then typing the exact username in the username bar. You will be redirected to the user’s profile and can add them to your friends by clicking on “+ Friends”.

  • View your Friends list and tap on any Friend’s avatar to view their profile. While on their profile, you can remove them from your Friends list by tapping on the blue “Remove” button in the top right corner.
  • View the recent public activity of your Friends (added to the Collection, submitted to the DB, etc.) and access any release from that activity. If you have more than 25 friends, you will only see shared activity from the first 25.


Searching for a user on the Android App

Simply use the search bar you use to search anything on Discogs and type the username.

Note: You need to type the exact username to find the user you are looking for, errors won’t give you any result nor the right result.


Adding and removing a user as your Friend

When you find the user you want to add as Friend, tap the "+ Friend” button in the upper right corner of the profile to add them. The user will now be added to your Friends list:

To remove someone from your Friends list, tap the blue “Remove” button from their profile page:

Why should I use this feature?

If you want to quickly access your Friends' profiles and see what they have been submitting to the Discogs Database, collecting or adding to their Wantlist, this is the place! 

Also, if you want to quickly access a seller store you like or you normally buy from, you can use this feature to save your favourite sellers and quickly access their store or see what’s new on their inventory.

Do you like this feature? 

💌 Please let us know what you think about this feature submitting a request. We will be taking your feedback and continuously adding to and improving the Discogs app.


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