So aktiviert man Tastaturkürzel auf Discogs

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Did you know that many of the common actions on Discogs can be done without the click of a mouse? Once enabled, keyboard shortcuts streamline some basic site commands, such as adding a release to your Collection or navigating to your Orders page.

To enable keyboard shortcuts, navigate to the footer on most any Discogs page. There, you will find the link to Keyboard Shortcuts. Select the link and a popup will appear. 

Arrow pointing to the Keyboard Shortcuts link located within the Help is Here column within the site footer

Keyboard shortcuts legend

On the pop-up you will have a complete list of available keyboard shortcuts. To enable keyboard shortcuts, simply select the “Enable Keyboard Shortcuts” box at the top left of the pop-up box.

Keyboard shortcuts also exist on the submission form. From the Add Release page, navigate to the top right to find the Keyboard Shortcuts link. Select the link to view a list of available commands and enable keyboard shortcuts for this page.

Arrow pointing to the Keyboard Shortcut link on the Add Release pageOnce keyboard shortcuts are enabled, you can use the commands to navigate Discogs. So, for example, simply type the letters `g` and `w` and your browser will take you to your Wantlist. Or, from a Release page, type `a` and `i` to add the release to your Inventory.


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