Shipping Labels & Rates (U.S.)

Note: During the outbreak of COVID-19, we are aiming to maintain up-to-date information on possible postal service interruptions throughout the world. Please review our Postal Status blog post for more details.

Important: As of Wednesday, April 01, 2020, USPS has temporarily suspended service to the following countries. Please review USPS' International service disruptions article for an up-to-date list of countries to which USPS has suspended or limited service.



Shipping Labels & Rates (U.S.)

Purchasing Shipping Labels  

Sellers based in the US can buy postage from the USPS and print shipping labels directly through the Discogs website.

To purchase domestic or international postage for an order you have received:

  1. Navigate to the order page for which you would like to purchase postage.
  2. Click the blue "Buy Shipping Label" button.
  3. Complete the information on the Purchase a Shipping Label page, then click the green "Confirm Details & Select Shipping" button.
  4. Use your printer to create the shipping label.
  5. Once the shipping label is paid for and printed, all you need to do is affix it to the order packaging, then schedule a postal pickup or deposit it in a USPS dropbox.

You can review and manage shipping labels that you have purchased through Discogs by going to an order page and clicking the "View Or Cancel Shipping Labels" button.

The following service options are available from USPS:

  • USPS Media Mail
  • USPS Parcel Select Ground 
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail Express
  • USPS First Class Package Intl
  • USPS Priority Mail Express Intl 
  • USPS Priority Mail Intl  


How to Cancel / Void a Shipping Label 

If you need to cancel postage that you have already paid for through the site, follow these steps to receive your refund:

  1. Navigate to the My Labels page.

  2. Then, from the Shipping Label panel, click the "Cancel/Refund" link.

Note that a refund will not be given if either:

  • It’s been more than 35 days since you purchased the postage. Shipping labels will be automatically canceled after 35 days of no use.

  • The label was scanned by USPS for delivery.


USPS First Class International Shipping Rates 

Overview Price Groups:

1 Canada
2 Mexico
3 Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea
4 Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation and Ukraine
5 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and Switzerland
6 Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan
7 South Africa
8 United Arab Emirates
9 Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay


Shipping rates are subject to change, so please check back often for updates. Prices reflect your cost to use the Discogs Shipping label service.

Weight Not Over (Ounces)










Up to 8 oz (226g)










Up to 32 oz (907g)










Up to 48 oz (1360g)










Up to 64 oz (1814g)










For additional help setting up your international shipping policies, see our full policy guide for international destinations from the U.S. 
Suggested rates do not add for handling expenses. If you wish to apply a markup, you will need to add the desired amount to each rate.

US Domestic Media Mail Shipping Policy and Rates

Use the following example to set shipping policies for domestic shipments using Media Mail. Prices reflect your cost to use the Discogs Shipping label service.

Notes about the policy:

  • The Standard policy is an optional Free Shipping method where you can set free shipping to your buyers on anything that reaches a certain $ threshold. In the example provided, shoppers will receive free shipping on anything at or above $100.
  • The Media Mail policy reflects the price you receive from the Discogs Shipping label service. You can change these prices as desired. Suggested rates do not add for handling expenses. If you wish to apply a markup, you will need to add the desired amount to each rate.
  • Each line in the Media Mail policy is 1 additional pound in shipping weight (represented in grams in the Discogs editing tool).
  • Order subtotal is set to $0. Only add a value here if you wish to not use shipping policies on orders below a certain value.
  • Default days to ship is 1. Adjust as necessary for your own handling time. Keep in mind that buyers appreciate the fastest turnaround possible.
  • Default days to deliver is based on guidance from USPS.


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