How To Report Spam To Discogs

Discogs strives to prevent user-generated spam content from being created on our website. Unfortunately, from time to time, you may notice either a spam account, spam in the Database, or receive a Discogs message that appears to be spam.

IMPORTANT: Please do not ever open a link if you suspect it to be spam. If you have seen or received a suspicious link from a user, please report it to us and do not engage with any external URLs.

How to report a suspected spam account:

If you have discovered a Discogs user who is posting spam on our website, please take the URL from their profile page (e.g. and post it in our spam report forum thread.

Our Community Support team actively monitors this thread for new reports, and takes action daily on those accounts reported to us. We will suspend the account and bulk remove any content that they have posted to the site. 

This is the most efficient way to report spam to us, as we’re able to take action on the account and remove all of the spam content in one action, rather than taking individual action on each spam message.

How to report spam in the Database:

Spam accounts will often create a new “release” in the Database that is merely spam content. If you have discovered a spam release, scroll down to the bottom of the information in the right-side column. Under Contributors, you will see “Report Suspicious Activity”.

the image shows the Report Suspicious Activity button on the submission page

Click on this link, and on the next page, click the red button that says “Submit Spam Report”. This will submit the release for review from our Community Support team.

How to report a spam private message:

If you have received a private message from a spam account, you can select the message and select Mark as Spam. This allows you to flag a message as spam for our system. For more information, please visit How Does The Discogs Private Message System Work?


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