How Wantlister Works

Do I Need To Add My Wantlist Items To Wantlister?

No. Wantlister will pull information from your Wantlist instantly. All items added to your Wantlist on will automatically be migrated to Wantlister and results matching your filter criteria will populate in the Wantlister marketplace view.

How Do I Use Wantlister?

You can find more help here on our Using Wantlister page. On this page you can find out to set up filters, manage your notifications and interact with the marketplace from Wantlister. 

Why Do I Have To Go To Another Site?

Wantlister is currently managed on another domain as we refine the experience. There are many improvements coming which include deeper integrations into the Discogs experience.

Why Am I Not Receiving Wantlist Emails?

Your Discogs account must be opted in to receive personal email updates for Wantlist notifications. You can make changes to your notification preferences from the Notification Settings page.


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