Using Wantlister

Setting Up Filters

When you first user Wantlister there will be one default filter already set up. You can edit this and/or add additional filters. Users can add any combination of the below filters to refine the experience for themselves.

  • Notificiation Preferences - You can set the frequency of notifications or turn on Realtime alerts. Note: Adding too many releases to a real time alert filter may cause high email traffic
  • Limit Seller Location - You can add one or more countries here. Leave this field blank to see listings shipped from any country.
  • Minimum Seller Rating - Minimum of 90%
  • Minimum number of seller ratings - Leaving this at 0 will allow for users to see listings from new sellers if they wish
  • Minimum Media Condition - A selection will allow any listing with that grade OR ABOVE to be shown
  • Minimum Sleeve Condition - A selection will allow any listing with that grade OR ABOVE to be shown
  • Include Sleeveless Media/Generic Sleeve - Will show Sleeveless/Generic items when sellers list them for sale.
  • Your currency - Only used for conversion purposes. This will not exclude sellers who prefer to deal in other currencies.
  • Maximum price - This will limit all results to the specified price or lower. Leave this field blank for no maximum price.
  • Maximum shipping - This is the most you'd ever pay to ship a single item. Leave this field blank for no maximum shipping.
  • By Release - Multiple releases from your wantlist can be added to this field.
  • By Format - Limits all results to a set of specified formats.
  • By Artist - Surfaces all listings from a particular artist, or multiple artists only.
  • By release year - Select releases using a set year range

Editing Filters

To edit your first filter:

  1. Click the Filter button.
  2. Make selections from the filters above.
  3. Select Save.

To add a new filter:

  1. Click the Filter drop down and select "+ New filter".
  2. Give your filter a name
  3. Make selections from the available filters
  4. Select 'Save'.

When you have a filter selected and you make changes to it, clicking save will save the changes made to the selected Filter. If you click "Save as" will create a new filter with the selected filters and will leave the original filter unchanged.

Deleting Filters

To delete a filter click "Filters" at the top of the page.

This will show you all of your saved filters. You can delete a filter by clicking on the delete icon and then clicking OK.


Please note: it's not possible to delete the default filter even if it's renamed or changed.

Using The Marketplace

  1. Click on the album cover any of the results on your Wantlister marketplace page to be directed to the listing in the Marketplace.
  2. Clicking on the ellipses icon will you the options to remove the listing or seller from your Wantlister result.
  3. Clicking on the box icon to the left will give you the option to focus on the partilcuar release or to focus on more results from this seller.


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