Discogs Payments Program

Note: It is no longer possible to sign up for the Discogs Payments program and we are currently off-boarding our sellers. If you have a question regarding Discogs Payments off-boarding as it relates to your account, please contact us using the “Submit a request” link at the bottom of this help document.


Sales Volume Threshold Verification

Once a seller has transacted $1,000 via Discogs Payments, an automated verification process is triggered using the details provided at signup. If you are not verified, you will be notified to provide information to verify your account. In most cases, this is resolved by fixing a mistyped SSN or EIN ID or by providing/reviewing a bank statement that verifies your banking details. In some cases, sellers that have processed over $1,000 may need to provide a photo ID.

If you become unverified for this reason, please upload the requested documentation from your seller settings page and allow 1 - 3 days for verification to process. During this period where you are not verified, payouts to your bank account will be disabled. Once verification is confirmed, payouts will resume. If you have not been verified after 3 days, please contact Discogs support for further assistance. 

Why do I need to provide my social security number?

A social security number is required as a compliance measure to ensure, identify and reduce the potential for fraud in the marketplace. This information is securely stored by our payments processor partner, Adyen.  

Processing Fees for Sellers

Sellers are charged a fee on the gross amount of the transaction. This includes cost of goods, shipping and any applicable taxes. Additionally, there may be a fee for payouts to your bank account. Fees are in addition to the Discogs seller fee.

Payment Processing Fee:


Receiving Payouts

What is a payout?

A payout refers to the disbursement of funds to a Seller’s bank account.  

Payout Schedule

  • Choose to be paid daily, semi-weekly or weekly. This can be changed at https://www.discogs.com/settings/seller/#seller-payment-form under the Payment Methods section. 
  • There are fees for Daily ($0.30) and Semi-weekly ($0.20) payout schedules. Weekly payouts are available at no additional charge. All payout schedules are free for those in our Platinum Seller Program.
  • Please allow up to 3 business days for a payout to reach your bank account.

How to find a list of all Discogs Payments transactions

What does each section on the Payouts tab mean?

  • Captured transactions - Transactions that have been cleared by our payment processor. These are not yet eligible for payout, but are considered a cleared transaction. The order can be shipped. Please note that transactions paid with American Express can take longer to settle and may not be eligible for payout for around 11 days in some cases. 
  • Captured transactions eligible for payout - Transactions that will be paid out according to your chosen payout schedule.
  • Payouts - A historical list of payouts to the seller’s bank account. Click a given payout to see the list of transactions that were included in that payout. 

How do I find payout information from the order page?

Each order will have a link at the top indicating whether the payout is processed or pending to your bank account.

  • Payout: Pending - This item has been paid for and is ready to ship. Payout to the Seller’s bank account is pending.
  • Payout: [DATE] - The order has been included on the payout date indicated in the link (funds have been disbursed to the Seller’s bank account).


Processing Refunds

Refunds associated with credit card payments are noted in the same way as any other order! In these cases, the refund will be sent directly to the buyer as soon as the status is updated. 

To process the refund, simply use the refund option under the More tab on the order page. 

Note: Cancelling an order will not process the refund. If the order is cancelled before a refund is issued, please contact Discogs staff so that we may adjust the order.

Refunds are reflected on the Payouts tab of your Billing page.

Please note: the $0.25 transaction fee is retained on all refunds. 


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