Sales & Transaction Policy

Effective July 1, 2019

The following terms and conditions apply to buyers and sellers for all Discogs affiliate site purchases, including but not limited to,,,,,, (collectively referred to as “Discogs”).  Failure to abide by these policies may lead to account restrictions or removal from Discogs. All activity on Discogs is subject to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Requirement For Buyers & Sellers


  • Buyers will review and agree to the Seller Terms (as described below) before placing an order. If the Seller Terms are in an unfamiliar language, we recommend using a translation application like
  • When an order is placed, the buyer agrees to accept the Seller Terms and provide payment in full within 4 days of receiving an invoice. Failure to do this may result in an order cancellation due to Non-Paying Buyer.
  • Discogs encourages both buyers and sellers to use a method of payment that provides security and payment protection. Buyers and sellers who choose to use an unprotected payment method agree to accept any risk of order non-delivery, damage, or mis-grading.
  • Buyers and sellers are expected to comply with all rules set by their accepted payment methods, including requirements for refunds and returns.
  • If there is a problem related to the order, the buyer or seller will use the order page to notify the other party before leaving feedback.
  • Buyers and sellers will communicate directly with each other to resolve any and all issues via the Discogs order page, using professional and courteous language at all times.
  • Sellers will respond to buyer questions left on the order page within four days. Failure to do this, may result in an account suspension.
  • Buyers are responsible for any and all customs fees, import taxes, or other delivery-related charges once the item has been shipped.
  • Sellers are not permitted to charge buyers fees for the use of PayPal or any form of payment processing. Any handling fees should be included in the cost of shipping. Buyers will only be responsible for paying the listed price of items plus shipping and shipping add-ons, such as tracking or insurance, that are stated in the Seller Terms. No charges may be added as a percentage to the order total, with the exception of taxes as required by law. Asking the buyer to send a PayPal or any other payment as a "gift" or "personal payment" is not permitted.
  • Sellers who are required to charge VAT on sales may not add VAT to the price of items after they are purchased in the Discogs Marketplace. If Discogs is required to charge VAT on your sales fees, you are also not allowed to add this charge to the price of items after purchase.
  • Sellers are responsible for including correct shipping information on all packages, including clear and correct address and customs declarations (where required). Sellers are responsible for fines or penalties related to incorrect customs declarations.
  • Buyers are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address. Since payment providers, such as PayPal, will only provide seller protection if the order is shipped to the address listed with the buyer's payment provider, sellers may cancel an order if the buyer's shipping information listed in Discogs does not match what is listed with their payment provider. If a seller cancels an order for this reason, they may request Discogs to remove order feedback.
  • By posting an active sales listing, the seller confirms that all items listed for purchase are:
    • Not double-listed on any of the seller’s other Discogs accounts, unless it has been done solely to accommodate the collection of tax in multiple regions, as required by law.
    • Currently in the seller's possession (unless subject to Third Party Distributors and Shippers clauses below) and available to ship at the listed price.
    • Available at the advertised price. Raising the price of the item after purchase, or canceling the order to re-list the item at a higher price, is prohibited.
    • As-advertised. The item matches the associated discography listing and has been appropriately graded using the Discogs Grading Standard.
    • Sellers are responsible for identifying and complying with any copyright restrictions with respect to the item’s sale. Sellers must indicate any restrictions (i.e., territory) in the listing and comply with the restriction when selling the item.
  • Discogs collects and remits tax in specific states where we are designated as a Marketplace Facilitator. In states where Discogs is not a Marketplace Facilitator, Sellers must determine for themselves whether or not they will need to collect and remit sales tax. Sellers should consult a tax professional for advice.

Seller Terms Requirements

Sellers must provide the following information on their Seller Terms page:

  • How much shipping will cost for each region the seller agrees to ship to. If a seller accepts an order from a region that does not have a stated shipping charge, the buyer may request cancellation and feedback removal.
  • How many days it takes to ship an order once payment is received. If this timeframe is not stated in the Seller Terms, the buyer may request a cancellation due to Item Unavailable when the order is not shipped within four days of payment received.
  • Any regions the seller refuses to ship to.
  • The cost of any shipping add-ons such as tracked, signed for, insured delivery.
  • Any required shipping add-ons for items exceeding a certain price.
  • Any requirement for a minimum order amount or value.
  • Any regional sales tax the seller is required to collect by law.
  • Information about returning and refunding items, including if the seller agrees or does not agree to pay for return shipping when a return is requested. (*Sellers must comply with their local laws and regulations with regards to returns and refunds).

Incomplete Seller Terms can result in an order being cancelled due to Item Unavailable if requested by the buyer.

Seller Terms must align with the policies of their accepted payment methods. Any information in the Seller Terms that does not align with the policies of the seller’s accepted payment methods will be not be recognized or enforced by Discogs.

Order Management Requirements For Sellers

Once an order is received, the seller will update the order as follows:

  1. Seller will add the shipping charge and update the order status to "Invoice Sent" within four days of when the order is placed.
  2. Seller will update the order status to "Payment Received" within four days of when valid payment is sent.
  3. After payment has been received, the Seller will ship the order and update the order status to "Shipped" within the timeframe stated in their Seller Terms. If this timeframe is not stated in their Seller Terms, the buyer may request a cancellation due to Item Unavailable if the order is not shipped within four days of payment received.

These requirements may be extended if the order page indicates that the buyer and seller mutually agree to do this.

If a buyer requests an order cancellation because the above requirements have not been met, the order should be cancelled due to Item Unavailable.


Requirements For Third-Party Distributors And Shippers

If you are using Discogs to facilitate shipping on behalf of another seller, and if you are listing the item(s) for sale on your account, you must:

  • Ensure that the other seller is not listing the same items for sale on their account.
  • Have all items listed for sale available for immediate purchase and part of a confirmed inventory.
  • Be the seller of record for the transaction.
  • Be responsible for all returns, refunds and communication with buyers.


  • All purchased items must be shipped via the seller who lists the item for sale. Having a different retailer ship directly to buyers is not allowed.

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the suspension or removal of your selling privileges.


What To Do If There Is A Problem With Your Order

In most cases, problems with orders can be resolved by either contacting the seller or the payment provider. Sellers are expected to handle disputes according to their Seller Terms and accepted payment method requirements.

If, as a buyer, you are unhappy with your purchase, please do the following no later than 60 days after the order has Shipped:

  • Before leaving feedback, use the order page to notify the seller, then allow the seller four days to respond with a proposed solution.
  • If you and the seller cannot agree on a solution, open a dispute with your payment provider. Keep in mind, Discogs encourages both buyers and sellers to use a method of payment that provides security and payment protection. Buyers and sellers who choose to use an unprotected payment method agree to accept any risk of order non-delivery, damage, or mis-grading.
  • If the seller does not respond in four days, you can use the Seller Not Responding feature to send a notification to the seller. When the Seller Not Responding feature is used, Discogs is notified of the situation. Sellers with a clear history of not responding to orders, or not providing mutually agreed upon solutions may be suspended or removed from the Marketplace.
  • If the seller is suspended because they did not respond to a Seller Not Responding notification, you should open a dispute with your payment provider. Buyers who choose to use an unprotected payment method that does not allow buyers to file a dispute, do so at their own risk and acknowledge that the support Discogs will provide under these circumstances will be limited.
  • If the seller responds, but does not provide a mutually agreeable solution, you should open a dispute with your payment provider.


Payments & Fees

Discogs Terms of Service

All activity on Discogs is subject to the Terms of Service.

Discogs Payments

If you accept Discogs Payments, you agree to terms in the Payments Policy and to provide all required information to register your Discogs Payments account as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

PayPal Payments

  1. If you accept PayPal, the following policies must be applied to all orders:

    1. Invoice the buyer directly through Discogs (third-party invoice systems or PayPal invoice are prohibited);

    2. Do not accept or solicit payment as a gift, payment as a friend, or payment directly via PayPal address;

    3. Do not accept or solicit additional funds as reimbursement for seller PayPal fees;

    4. PayPal must be offered to all regions that you ship to. It is not permissible to only allow PayPal payment from some regions, but require other regions to use a different payment method.

Prohibited Marketplace Practices

Violation of this policy by conducting any of the following activities will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to temporary or permanent marketplace restrictions, account ban or closure, or other actions as deemed necessary by Discogs staff and management.

Fee Avoidance

An order placed on Discogs must be completed through Discogs and include an official Discogs invoice. Fee Avoidance includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Canceling completed and valid orders (including orders later picked up in-person or in-shop);

  • Accepting sales through the Private Message system instead of redirecting buyers to the marketplace sales listing;

  • Accepting or soliciting direct payment through the Private Message system;

  • Language or links on Profile pages, Sales Listings, and Item Comments that redirect buyers away from a Discogs marketplace order to a personal, third-party, or other commercial website.

Prohibited Items Policy

The use of Discogs services to solicit, purchase, sell or trade any prohibited items, is strictly forbidden. This includes:

  • Digital files (e.g., mp3 or FLAC files);

  • Items blocked from the Discogs Marketplace;

  • Items matching the Offensive Materials guideline;

  • Bootlegs, counterfeits, pirate copies, or items that do not comply with usual copyright laws in the international space;

  • Items that do not exactly match the Discogs database entry used to create the sales listing;

Unsolicited Advertisement or Promotion

Use of Discogs services for the purposes of advertising goods or services outside of the Discogs marketplace, or misuse of Discogs services for unsolicited promotion, cyberbullying, or other abusive activities is prohibited. Note: for information on advertising goods or services officially through Discogs, please see information about our Advertising Affiliate Programs.

Unsolicited advertisements or promotions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advertising goods or services not related to the Discogs marketplace in a public Profile, Forum thread, or Group;

  • Contacting community members through the service to promote sales on third-party websites;

  • Use of discography listings for the commercial promotion of artists, labels, or record companies.

Taxes & Fees 

The following fees, surcharges, and taxation policies are strictly prohibited:

  • Charging buyers for payment processing service fees (e.g., "PayPal orders will be invoiced higher to compensate for PayPal's fees);

  • Sellers required to charge a regional VAT or other tax on sales may not add the tax to the price of items after a purchase has been placed;

  • If Discogs is required to charge VAT on sales fees, the seller is not allowed to add this specific VAT charge to the price of items after purchase.

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