Seller Not Responding & Buyer Awaiting Response

Seller Not Responding reports and Buyer Awaiting Response notices are part of an automated process begun by the buyer, to prompt communication on the order page from a seller.

If a seller is not communicating as necessary to resolve an order, a buyer can file a Seller Not Responding report. Please note that not all sellers have access to Discogs at all times, so do kindly allow reasonable time for a response.

After 4 days of seller inactivity on an order, a "Seller not responding?" link will appear on the order page. Click this link to file a Seller Not Responding report. This will begin an automated process where Discogs contacts the seller to prompt communication on the order page. This is only possible on orders no older than 90 days.


The seller will have 4 days to send a message on the order page before we check back. We will also send a notification to you (via private message and/or e-mail) with further instructions.

If you are a seller who has received a Seller Not Responding report, simply write on the order page within 4 days of receiving the report. Doing so will automatically cancel the report. Failure to do so within 4 days will result in an account suspension. The only way for this suspension to be lifted is manually by the Discogs Community Success team. If you have been suspended for a Seller Not Responding report, please contact them via


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