How To Buy Music On Discogs

Step 1: Register

Registering is free and easy. Get started!

Step 2: Find what you want to buy (Vinyl, CDs, Tapes, etc...)

  • Searching - If you’re looking for a specific item, use the search bar at the top of every page. If you’re searching for a certain physical format, like Vinyl or CD, you can search for it from this page. If that item isn’t currently available, add it to your Wantlist! You’ll get a notification once a copy does come up for sale.
  • If you do remember a seller’s username, you can directly go to his shop by typing “u:username” in the search bar.
  • Browsing - If you aren’t sure what you want to buy, you can use the filters within the Marketplace to browse items that meet your desired criteria (e.g., Techno records from 1992 that are less than $5).

Reminder - Sellers are advised to ship to your Paypal address only. Please make sure that your addresses on Discogs and Paypal do match. You can adjust your address in your Buyer Settings.

Note: Before buying, review the seller's Seller Terms. Ask questions before placing an order.  

Step 3: Add or update your buyer settings

If you are new to the Discogs marketplace, you will need to add info to your Buyer Settings before placing an order. It is recommended that you keep these up to date so that all orders will be shipped to the right address. 

Step 4: Placing an order

Take a moment to review our Best Practices For Buying Safely On Discogs article before completing the transaction. This is a compilation of some common-sense tips that will help to make your online buying experience much safer and more enjoyable.

You have two ways to place an order: 

1) Click the “Add to Cart” button to add what you’ve found to your cart:

2) Click on the buy button on the release page:

the image shows the buy button on the release page

If you want to look for additional items, click the “View more from this seller” button or go back to the "All my items" list.

If you’ve completed your shopping, click the “Place order and pay now” button.

If you are shopping while logged out of your account, you will be requested to log in to your account in order to complete your purchase. Once you are logged in, please return to your cart and complete the order by clicking the “Place order and pay now” button.

Please note that you are not expressing a casual interest in buying the item. When you hit the "Place Order" button, you are declaring your full intention to buy the item by paying the full price stated using the quickest method of payment available to you. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the item(s), shipping cost, etc, please send the seller a private message before placing the order. Please read through the Buyer Policy before ordering, for more information.

IMPORTANT: The photo you see in the Marketplace is a general photo from our database. Although the version of the item must match the photo listed, the actual condition of the item may be different from what you see in the photo. Please review the grading of the item to make sure the item is in the condition you would like to receive. 

Step 5: Paying the seller

At checkout you will see the total for your order, including shipping, handling and any additional taxes you might be required to pay in your country.

Once you hit the “Place order and pay now” button, the system will  redirect you to the Checkout page where you can select your preferred payment method.

If, for any reason, you missed the checkout button, you can go to the newly created order and pay by clicking on the checkout button.

Please remember that according to our Seller Policy, sellers are required to ship within four days unless a different shipping time is mentioned in their seller terms. If at any time the seller takes longer than four days to respond or update the order page, you can file a Seller Not Responding report.

Note: Sending payment outside of Discogs is considered a violation of our Seller Policy and may result in disciplinary action. Further, we are unable to offer support for orders where payment was sent off site, and you may not qualify for protection from your financial institution either. For any further questions you can submit a request.

Step 6: Order Progression

You can see the progression of your order on the order page. When the payment is finalized, the order will display the “Payment Received” status. Before the shipment, sellers can use an optional status called “In Progress”. This means that the seller is preparing your order. When the order is ready, the seller will update the order to “Shipped”. 

Note: If you pay with a PayPal e-check, it can take up to 6 days before it’s cleared. In this case, the order will first update to “Payment Pending”, and later to “Payment Received” when the payment is cleared. To read more about the various order statuses, please visit What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?

Step 7: Leave feedback for the seller

Feedback is optional, but should be left once you have received your item so that other buyers may benefit from your experience. It’s important to remember that once feedback is left, it becomes a permanent part of the user’s profile.

You should always try to work out any problems with the seller before leaving feedback – most issues can be resolved through good communication.

Check out our separate How To Leave Feedback help doc for any questions about feedback. 

Step 8: Keeping track of your purchases

All your purchases will be saved on the purchase history page that can be accessed from the Marketplace dropdown > Buy Music > Purchases

On this page, you can find all your past and current purchases with all the necessary information. You can archive / un-archive your purchases, leave feedback on the ones where it is still necessary and access any purchase by clicking on the order number link. Please always remember to set the Archived filter on “All” to see the complete list of your purchases.

Note: Our system deletes notification messages that are older than 30 days. However, your purchase history page includes all of your past and current purchases and you can access any specific purchase from here.

Step 9: Enjoy the tunes!

No explanation necessary.


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