Overview of Submission Guidelines for Releases

Basic Guidelines

  • Have the exact release in front of you when entering it to the database.
  • Only enter or change information that you can cite a trustworthy source for (stick to provable facts!).
  • Check all the artist and labels you enter link to the correct page.
  • Use the search to find artist name variations, and use the ANV function to link them up.
  • Capitalize the first letter of every word in names and titles.
  • Follow the Quick Start Guide for your first few submissions.
  • Refer to the full guidelines (below) for anything you are not sure of.
  • Ask in the help forum if you get stuck, and be polite and friendly to others.


Full Guidelines

  1. General Rules
  2. Artist
  3. Title
  4. Label / Catalog
  5. Barcode And Other Identifiers
  6. Format (also see the Formats List)
  7. Country
  8. Release Date
  9. Genres / Styles
  10. Credits (also see the Credits List)
  11. Release Notes
  12. Tracklisting
  13. Images
  14. Updating A Release
  15. Remove Release
  16. Master Release
  17. Merge Release
  18. Updating An Artist Profile
  19. Updating A Label Profile
  20. Voting Guidelines
  21. Contributor Improvement Program (CIP)
  22. FAQ For Artists And Labels
  23. Copy To Draft
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