How To Find Information On A CD

The Submission Form is designed to capture all sorts of information, a lot of which is required to identify a release as unique, but some of which can be hard to find if you're new to contributing.

This guide will show you where to find all the information you need to make complete and correct CD submissions.

Obviously the records you're contributing will have some differences to the examples provided below. If you ever get stuck just do the best you can, add some images to your submission, and ask for help from an experienced contributor.

Before starting please note that some fields are required for all submissions and some are optional (unless they're the key difference between yours and another similar version already in the Database). If you're new to submitting stick to the required fields only. You can see which ones they are in this Quick Start Guide For New Contributors.

Example 1: CD, Back Cover

The example below is from INXS – Underneath The Colours.

LPs, cassettes and other releases with full artwork will usually be similar, but remember that the layout and what information is included or excluded may be radically different. If you are having difficulty, remember you can look at the Artist page your release is from, or the Label page your release is on, and see how other similar releases are entered to Discogs. For additional information on how to identify the matrix area of a CD, please see RSG §6.8.

Example 2: CD, Media


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