Database Guidelines 17. Merge Release


17.1.1. Merge release allows you to combine two releases into one, for releases that are duplicates of each other (one release will have been added in error as a duplicate). You can choose which releases data to use for the merged release. Merging preserving all items for sale, collections, wantlists, lists, comments, and ratings. Merge is not the same as Master Release, which combines similar releases together in a 'folder', keeping both of them active in the database.

Guidelines For Merging Releases

17.2.1. The releases must represent the exact same version, going by the unique release guidelines. The system automatically keeps the first submitted release

17.2.2. If the merge is being considered due to bonus items being submitted as separate releases, please first update the main release to represent the whole release, including bonus items. Then merge in the bonus item(s). Always make full use of the submission notes / comments on both releases to let everyone know what is happening.

17.2.3. The Releases to be merged must either be in the same Master Release, or not in any Master Releases. You will receive an error if you try to merge Releases that are in different Master Releases, or where one is in a Master Release and one isn't.

Merging Releases

17.3.1. To merge a release, go to the history / edit page of either of the releases you want to merge. In the grey box, click on 'Merge'.

This will open up a new page, with the releases info that you came from populated in the left hand view.

Copy the release ID for the other release you want to merge into the right hand side, and press 'Preview'. That releases data will be populated.

Then select which releases data you want to keep - this will be the best, most correct, most complete version of the data. Once you have done that, enter the reason for the merge (this will usually be because they are duplicate releases, but please add as much info as you can to help people vote).

Finally, click the 'Merge' button, and the merge will be initiated. The voting procedure is the same as that for remove releases.

17.3.2. Upon a successful merge, the system always keep the first release to be submitted to the database. If the later releases data is chosen to represent the release after the merge, then the data is copied across to the original submission. This update can be voted, reverted, and edited as usual. The release that was submitted second to the database is removed from the database (set back to 'draft' status).

17.3.3. Merge Release cannot be undone, so please use this function carefully

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