Database Guidelines 11. Release Notes

General Information About Release Notes

11.1.1. Release notes is a free text field. It is used to add any factual, objective notes about the release, or to list information that cannot be entered into other dedicated fields.

11.1.2. Notes transcribed from the release should be put into clear context and the source stated.

11.1.3. The "First Letter Of Each Word Must Be Uppercase" rule does not apply to the Release Notes field. Normal grammatical rules apply.

11.1.4. Do not remove label, company or artist names from the Release Notes when this information is needed to qualify other information that can only be placed into the notes (for example, dates).

Recommended Items For Release Notes

11.2. The following items are recommended for adding to the Release Notes:

  • Note any distinguishing features of the release that may help distinguish it from other versions of the release.
  • Anything unusual (for example, hidden tracks on a CD) or anything that is impossible to enter (for example, different titles on different parts of the release).
  • Note any sources of information aside from the release itself (for example, "Credits for track 2 are taken from the artist's website").
  • You can make Discogs Text Formatting links to releases on Discogs that the release might be confused with. It is best to use the links in complete sentences. For example, 'Unlike the original pressing , this pressing's sleeve contains "Made in Germany" rather than "Made in West Germany" in the lower left corner.'
  • Domain names / web addresses / URLs printed on a release are valid for the notes section, but must not be made into links. Bold and Italics formatting are not supported in Release Notes.
  • Inserts, printed inner sleeves or other bonus items included.
  • Additional information such as which tracks are bonus tracks.

Forbidden Items In Release Notes

11.3. The following items are forbidden from the Release Notes:

  • Any information that belongs in other specific sections of the release data. The notes can be used to expand on, or refer to, this information, however.
  • Subjective opinions or reviews of the release - these should be added as a Review instead.
  • Promotional language, hype, etc.
  • Links to sites outside Discogs - these belong on Artist / Label pages, and can be added on those pages via the Edit function.
  • Lyrics, liner type notes or any other material which, if republished, would reasonably be considered a copyright violation.
  • Standard copyright text (for example, "Unauthorized copying prohibited" etc.) should not be entered unless it differentiates one version of the release from another.


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