How To Migrate Tracks From Duplicate Compositions

On an Artist’s Tracks page you might notice duplicate Composition Titles. This is because our matching algorithm, which tries to identify which Tracks are different manifestations of the same Composition, is not perfect.


If you see that there are some Tracks grouped under separate Compositions when in fact they should all be grouped under the same Composition, you can help us improve the quality of the matching by migrating the Tracks from the duplicate Composition to the correct Composition via the ‘Migrate All Tracks’ feature.


  1. Hover over the duplicate Composition Title to reveal the ‘Edit’ link
  2. Clicking the link puts the whole interface into ‘Edit mode’
  3. Once in edit mode mode the checkbox to the right of the duplicate Composition Title will be ticked
  4. Now also tick the checkbox next to the Composition Title of any other duplicates
  5. Lastly tick the checkbox next to the destination Composition
    BE CAREFUL: The last Composition Title you tick will be the destination Composition for all Tracks under all the Compositions you ticked
  6. Opening the dropdown menu at the top of the list of Compositions reveals the ‘Migrate All Tracks’ option
  7. Clicking ‘Migrate All Tracks’ opens the ‘migration modal’ which outlines which Compositions will be migrated to which other compositions. The blue bar to the left of one of the Compositions indicates the destination Composition.
    Remember to leave a simple note about your actions, so other people can see what happened to these Compositions at a later date.
  8. Click ‘Save’ to complete your migration!


All the Tracks from all the Compositions will now be visible on the Composition page of the destination Composition, and the once duplicate Composition pages from the duplicate Compositions will be removed from the database.

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