How To Edit Composition Titles

On an Artist’s Tracks page you may notice errors in the Composition Titles.


You can edit Composition Titles when in edit mode on an Artist’s Tracks page.


  1. Hover over any Composition Title to reveal the ‘Edit’ link
  2. Clicking the link puts the whole interface into ‘Edit mode’
  3. Once in edit mode mode click on the Composition Title you want to edit
  4. This will open the Composition Title Editing Modal
  5. Select the correct Title from the dropdown menu
    PLEASE NOTE: In this dropdown list are all the different Track Titles associated with this Composition; you can only choose a Composition Title from the list of Track Titles
  6. Click ‘Save’ to complete your edit


This will update the Title of the Composition on the Tracks page and also on the unique Composition page for the Composition you just edited.

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