Where Can I See Shipping Costs and Payment Options?

Sellers are expected to provide clear shipping information, which is to be placed within their Shipping Policies. Buyers should be able to see, in advance, exactly what shipping costs they will be paying, regardless of the item or shipping method, on top of the purchase price. Complete Seller Terms and Shipping Policies should also include the seller's policy regarding return and refunds. This is part of our Sales & Transactions Policy.

Where can buyers find Seller Terms and Shipping Policies?

Buyers can find this information in the following places:

  • It will appear directly below the item price: 

  • The information entered in the Seller Terms text box will be visible on the bottom of the page for every item the seller lists for sale. The information will also be exposed if a buyer clicks on the "View Seller Terms" button for the item for sale:

  • Seller terms can also be viewed directly from a seller's profile page: 

Sellers are required to provide clear and detailed information on the actual shipping prices in their Shipping Policies. This means the prices for the various shipping methods a seller offers to all the countries they ship to. Detailed information can be found here.

  • The seller's Shipping Policies can be viewed by clicking on Ships From: on the seller's profile:

You can see the shipping policy for your country and view costs for other countries by selecting it in the dropdown menu. You can also view the Seller Terms from here:


Where can buyers see the payment options available to them?

As a buyer, you can see the seller's available payment options in the following places:

  • The item listing page:

  • On the seller's storefront:

  • While viewing the "Ships from:" window and clicking on "Seller Terms":

  • Directly in the cart, once you have added an item:

What if a seller doesn’t have Seller Terms?

If you are a buyer and have found an item from a seller who does not have Seller Terms, please contact the seller directly to ask them about their return policy or any other questions you might have. Please know that all questions regarding return policy, condition of the item and/or other should be asked prior to placing an order.

You can contact a seller directly from their profile page, by clicking the blue “Contact seller” button.

Note: For the seller, incomplete Seller Terms may mean that your financial provider for the transaction will rule against you should a dispute arise. Further, incomplete Seller Terms may also affect the outcome of a Feedback Removal Request. 


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