How To Cancel An Order As A Seller

From time to time, you may need to cancel an order which you have received. The cancellation process depends on the status of the order, as we explain below.

If you are looking to cancel an order as a buyer, please review our separate help article: How Can I Cancel An Order That I Placed?

Unpaid orders

If the order has not yet been paid and is in the Invoice Received status, it can be canceled via the order page using the Cancel button on the top menu.

A new window will appear asking the reason for the cancellation.

Select a reason and then select Cancel Order. The Discogs order page will be updated to Cancelled.

Paid orders 

If the order has already been paid, it can be canceled using the Cancel option on the order page as explained above. The same cancellation reason window will appear asking the reason for the cancellation.

After selecting a reason and proceeding, a pop up will appear informing you that the entire cost (items + shipping) will be refunded to the buyer.


Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 17.41.59.png


Clicking OK will refund the full cost of the order including selling fees and all associated taxes. The order page will update automatically showing the refund details and the Cancelled status.


For more information about the refund process, please review our separate help article: How Do I Refund an Order?

Please note that in general, sellers must have enough funds in their PayPal balance to cover a refund. These funds must sufficiently cover the total order amount as well as any associated PayPal fees. That said, depending on the seller’s region PayPal will try a secondary source (for example, a credit card or bank account) if the PayPal balance is not enough to cover the refund. For clarity on how your refunds are processed, please contact PayPal.

Note: When the order status shows “Payment Pending”, sellers should check the payment status in their PayPal account. For more information about the pending status, please visit the article Why Does Discogs Show "Payment Pending" On My Order? If you want to cancel the order, please contact PayPal to verify the current payment status.

Bulk cancellation options

It’s possible for sellers to cancel more than one order at once. From the Marketplace drop-down menu, select Orders, under "Sell Music". Select the link to the order number you want to cancel.

On the Order page, select the “Cancel” button located at the top of the order page. A new window appears asking the reason of the cancellation:

If the orders have been already paid, sellers will see the refund pop up informing about the refund as explained above.

If the orders have not been paid yet, sellers will see only the cancellation confirmation message:

In both cases, the status of the order will be updated.

What are my cancellation options?

As a seller, you have three options for how to cancel an order: Non-Paying Buyer, Item Unavailable and Per Buyer's Request.

For more information on the various order cancellation types and how to properly use them, please review our separate help document: Types Of Order Cancellations

How can I re-list an item after I cancel an order?

You can re-list items from either your Inventory Management page or directly from the order page.

  • From the Inventory Management page, check the box next to the item you want to re-list, and then click "Mark for Sale".
  • From the order page, you can re-list items once the order is cancelled. From the order page, check the box next to the item, and then click "Relist item(s) For Sale". If the cancelled order included multiple items and you want to re-list all of them, simply check the top "Select All" box and then click "Relist item(s) For Sale".

Note: You will not be able to re-list an item from an order that was cancelled as "Item Unavailable". 



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