How Can I Get Removed From The CIP?

How To Escape The CIP

Leaving the CIP is easier than it seems. In order to leave the CIP, you will need to receive enough correct votes on your pending submissions to raise your voting average. There is no need to worry if you have a large number of pending submissions. It is not necessary to receive votes on every pending submission in order to leave the CIP.

This is the link to your pending submissions for your account. Click through the list in the column on the left side of page. Any submission here that has votes or comments left by other contributors will need to be reviewed and edited where necessary.

You can also use Advanced Search to find your contributions that needs changes directly. Enter your username under “Submitter”, press the “Needs changes” checkbox and then search. This will highlight any of your submissions that need changes.

If you need assistance finding what needs to be fixed or assistance with explaining how to make requested edits, please make a post in the CIP Sub-Forum.

Once these required edits are performed, you will need to receive votes on these corrected submissions. You may wish to consider making a post in one of these places:

When enough votes are received, your account will automatically be reviewed by our system and removed from the CIP. This may take a day or two depending on system load.


Common mistakes that may result in an account being entered into the CIP

Below are some of the most frequent pitfalls that occur when contributing to the database. If your situation is not mentioned here, please create a thread in the CIP Sub-Forum where other contributors can assist.



Label, Companies, Catalog Number, Etc. (LCCN)

Barcodes And Other Information (BaOI)


Format (Digital-Release Specific)


Track Listing



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