How Can I Make An Offer?

When an item listed in the Marketplace has a 'Make Offer' button, it means the seller is willing to consider offers on that item. To make an offer:

  1. From the listing page, click on the "Make Offer" button from the "Make Offer/Details" page.
  2. Enter the offer amount.
  3. Select the "Submit Offer" button.

Once the offer has been made:

  • The seller has 5 days to accept or decline the offer.
  • While the request is pending, you can check your offer at the top of the Purchase page.
  • If the offer is accepted, it will be converted to an order at the accepted offer price and both buyer and seller receive order/purchase confirmation as with a normal order. The system will select the cheapest shipping cost available for the item(s) you purchased, please let the seller know before paying if there are issues or questions about the shipping method.
  • If the offer is declined, or not responded to, the person who made the offer will be sent an automated message informing them the offer was declined. 

When making an offer, please remember the following:

  1. A single buyer can only make 1 offer per item.
  2. An offer is on the item price only - the seller’s shipping cost will remain the same.
  3. A buyer that was previously declined can make a new offer on the same item only if a seller re-lists an item for sale (the item then needs to have a new listing ID).
  4. There can be multiple offers by different buyers on a single item at any given time.
  5. While an offer is pending (not accepted) on an item, that item may still be purchased by any buyer in the Marketplace.
  6. Any questions regarding the item should be asked before making an offer.
  7. Once an offer is made, it is not possible to retract it.  


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