I Placed An Order, Then Decided I Didn’t Want It. Now I Have Negative Feedback. What Can I Do About This?

Buyers are required to provide payment promptly once the seller sends an invoice for the order as explained in our Sales & Transactions Policy. As such, order cancellation types are at the discretion of the seller. If you’ve received negative feedback, please leave the seller a polite message to discuss this with them.

For future orders, if you want to cancel an order, you need to leave the seller a message explaining why they need to cancel within 4 days of the order creation. If you do not leave them a message, or respond to their questions, a seller can cancel the order as Non Paying Buyer, which leaves negative feedback automatically.

So long as an invoice has been issued and 4 days have passed since then, it is the seller’s right to cancel as Non Paying Buyer. 


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