I Placed An Order, Then Decided I Didn’t Want It. Now I Have Negative Feedback. What Can I Do About This?

Buyers are required to provide payment promptly once the seller sends an invoice for the order as explained in our Sales & Transactions Policy. As such, order cancellation types are at the discretion of the seller, unless otherwise required by law. If you’ve received negative feedback, please leave the seller a polite message to discuss this with them.

When you place an order, you’ve stated your intention to buy and entered an agreement with the seller. Please also review the seller's terms before placing an order. While you can communicate with the seller and request a cancellation, it is up to the seller to decide how to cancel the order. The seller does have the right to cancel an order as Non Paying Buyer, as outlined in our Sales & Transaction Policy.

So long as an invoice has been issued and 4 days have passed since then, it is the seller’s right to cancel as Non Paying Buyer. 

Should you have received negative feedback and you feel that this feedback goes against our Feedback Guidelines, you can file a review request. This is how the process works: Feedback Review Request


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