I Feel I Should Receive A Refund. Can Discogs Give Me The Refund?

Discogs is not able to provide refunds for orders. Sellers are expected to work with buyers professionally and courteously to provide refunds in accordance with the Sales & Transactions Policy.

If you feel you should receive a refund, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact the seller by leaving a polite and clear message on the order page indicating your concerns about the item, and asking the seller to provide a resolution for you.
  2. If the seller does not respond within four days and there are concerns about the process of resolution, please click the blue "Seller not responding?" link under the message box on the order page. When this is done an automated message will be sent to the seller notifying him that a response is needed. If a response is not given, the seller's account will be suspended until the issue is resolved.
  3. If the seller does not provide a refund or respond, we do advise buyers to contact PayPal or their transaction provider (credit card, bank, etc) to file a refund request.

Discogs does not handle financial transactions between buyers and sellers and, therefore, is unable to process or initiate a refund. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, it will be up to you to contact your payment provider within their deadline for doing so.

When all of these steps have been attempted or followed but you still need advice, please contact Discogs staff through a support request.

Note: Sellers can require the item to be returned before sending a refund.


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