I Feel I Should Receive A Refund. Can Discogs Give Me The Refund?

Discogs is not able to provide refunds for orders. Sellers are expected to work with buyers professionally and courteously to provide refunds in accordance with the Sales & Transactions Policy. We ask that you leave a polite and clear message on the order page indicating your concerns about the item, and asking the seller to provide a resolution for you. If the seller does not respond, or there are concerns about the process of resolution, you can file a Seller Not Responding report, or contact our support team. Our support staff will be happy to offer advice, and work with the seller to guide them through the process of accepting a return and a refund. Please be aware that the seller can require the item to be returned first.

If the seller does not provide a refund, or respond quickly, we do advise buyers to contact PayPal or their transaction provider (credit card, bank, etc) to file a refund request.


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