How Do I Change My Username?

Changing your username is possible from your profile settings. You can change your username a total of 3 times. To do so, please follow these steps:

Make sure you are logged in to your account. Go to your Settings page.

  1. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page, under the Change Password feature.
  2. Under the Change Username section, type your desired new username in the New Username section. Keep in mind that a username must be at least 3 characters, but no longer than 20. Usernames must not already be in use, or ever have been used. Allowed characters include letters, numbers, underscore (_), hyphen (-), and period (.)
  3. You will also be prompted to enter your password. You must enter your password here before the username change will be successful.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to you after the change occurs. 

That’s it! All of your settings and account data will remain the same, and all URLs that contain your username will update to your new name and continue to work normally.

Please note that once you change your username, your older username is no longer available. Not for you, not for anyone else. Make sure you’re okay to say goodbye to your old identity - there’s no going back! 

Closing an account does not mean you are making a username available; it will stay forever documented in the Discogs system. It is also not possible to merge accounts by changing one username to match the username of a second account. 


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