What Is The Minimum Buyer Rating Feature?

Sellers have the option to automatically refuse orders from buyers who have a feedback rating that is below a given percentage.

To set a Minimum Buyer Rating:

  1. Go to the Seller Settings page.
  2. Enter a number in the Minimum Buyer Rating text box.
  3. Click "Save".

Example: If a Minimum Buyer Rating of 80 is entered, any buyer with a feedback rating that is below 80% who attempts to purchase will receive a message stating "You do not meet this seller's minimum buyer rating requirements". 

Note: Setting a Minimum Buyer Rating does not affect buyers who have no rating on Discogs. A user with no buyer rating ('No Feedback') is most likely new to the site or has only sold items - not purchased them. New users with no rating are allowed to place orders in order to build their reputation as a buyer.


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