How Can I Cancel An Order That I Placed?

As of February 1, 2022, we have updated our standard payment system and as such, the checkout process is slightly different from our previous one. You can read more about our new PayPal Payments solution for sellers here.

  • If the seller is using the new PayPal Payments solution, you will pay the order directly during the checkout process and the order will arrive directly in the Payment Received status. 
  • If the seller is still using the legacy payment system and you receive the invoice, as per our Sales & Transactions Policy, once you have created an order, you are expected to follow through with payment within 4 days. Purchasing an item is not meant to express casual interest.

In both situations, if you do wish to cancel the order after creating it, you will need to ask the seller to cancel the order for you, by using the message option on the order page.


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