I Haven't Received My Order Yet. What Should I Do?

From time to time, packages can take longer than usual to arrive at their destination. If you have not received your order yet, please take the following steps:

  • Contact the seller by leaving a message on the order page to see if they can offer an update. Often, packages not arriving is simply a case of a slow delivery. If you have paid for tracking or insured shipping, you may also have the ability to learn more about the status of your package on the shipping company’s website.

We do expect the seller to reach out to the postal service for an update. It is advisable that the buyer also contacts their local delivery service to see if the parcel can be located.

  • If the seller has not responded to your messages on the order page for more than four days, please click the blue "Seller not responding?" link under the message box on the order page. When this is done an automated message will be sent to the seller notifying them that a response is needed. If a response is not given, the seller's account will be suspended until the issue is resolved.
  • In the meantime, if the seller is still not cooperating, we would advise you to contact the financial institution used for this transaction to see what protection can be offered.

Discogs does not handle financial transactions between buyers and sellers and, therefore, is unable to process or initiate a refund. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, it will be up to you to contact your payment provider within their deadline for doing so.

When all of these steps have been attempted or followed, and if the order has reached this point, please contact Discogs staff through a support request, as we need to be aware of sellers who aren’t following through on our policy.


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