I’m Unhappy With My Order. What Should I Do?

It’s unfortunate when an order arrives and it doesn’t meet the expectations you had beforehand. Typical causes for dissatisfaction are:

  • Incorrect grading
  • Incorrect item or not the right version
  • Damaged item

If you’re unhappy with your order, you can go through the following steps:

Contact the seller to let them know

In most cases, a seller will work with the buyer to resolve the issue, either via a return or partial refund. As with all orders on Discogs, it’s also expected that buyers have reviewed the seller’s Seller Terms and understand the return policies associated with this user.

You can contact the seller by going to your Purchases page and then clicking on the Order # that you are unhappy with. This will bring you to the order page where you can leave a message for the seller explaining the issue you are having. Once you have done this, please allow the seller 4 days (96 hours) to respond.  

Is the seller not responding?

If the seller does not respond to your message in 4 days, then a blue "Seller not responding?" link will appear under the message box on the order page. You can click this link to send an automated message to the seller notifying them that a response is needed.

If a response is not given after another 4 days, the seller's account will be suspended until the issue is resolved. Once these 8 days have passed, it is highly recommended that you also contact your payment provider to inquire what sort of payment protection you have available.

For more information about Seller Not Responding reports, visit our separate help document: Seller Not Responding & Buyer Awaiting Response

Does the seller refuse to issue a refund?

If the seller refuses to issue you a refund, then it is important for you to contact your payment provider as soon as possible to explain the situation and request a refund. Your payment provider is the service you used when you sent payment for the order, for example, PayPal.  

  • If you paid with PayPal, contact PayPal support.
  • If you paid using Credit Card, please contact your credit card company to see what sort of protection or financial guarantees they can offer you.
  • If you paid using an alternate payment method offered by the seller (iDeal, Mercado Pago), please contact the payment provider directly to see what protection they can offer you.


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