What Are The Fees For Selling On Discogs?

It’s free to list your items for sale. When you sell your items, we charge you a 9% fee on both the item and shipping costs with a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $150. Examples: 

Symbol Name Minimum fee normalized Maximum fee normalized
AUD Australian Dollars 0.15 200
BRL Brazilian Real 0.50 800
CAD Canadian Dollars 0.15 200
CHF Swiss Francs 0.10 150
EUR Euro 0.10 150
GBP UK Pounds 0.10 150
JPY Japanese Yen 10.00 15000
MXN Mexican Pesos 2.00 3000
NZD New Zealand Dollars 0.15 200
SEK Swedish kronor 1.00 1200
USD US Dollars 0.10 150


Discogs fees and associated taxes will be removed from the buyer’s payment automatically. This will occur at the moment the buyer sends you payment. “Partner Fee” (or “Partner Commission” for those with a PayPal Business account) is the term used to encompass the total fees associated with your order. For more information, please review our PayPal payments solution FAQ.

Be aware that circumventing the marketplace via the private messaging system or falsely updating orders to avoid invoicing will result in account suspension.

For information on how to get a sales fee refund, please visit our separate help document: How Do I Get A Sales Fee Credit?


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