What Can I Do If A Buyer Is Not Communicating?

Communication is a key element to the success of any order. If your buyer isn’t communicating, try first to establish contact with them on the order page. It could be that they need a prompt or a reminder to continue with the order. 

If you have already issued the buyer their invoice, once you have waited 4 days, you will have the option to cancel the order due to a Non-Paying Buyer. This will cancel the order, issue the buyer automatic negative feedback and you will have the option to re-list the item(s) for sale automatically. 

If you have not yet issued the buyer their invoice, we would suggest to either issue the invoice and follow the steps in the paragraph above, or cancel the order Item Unavailable. You will need to re-list the item for sale from your Manage Inventory page, and you will not be able to leave feedback for the buyer. The buyer will be able to leave feedback for you, but it will be eligible for feedback review and removal.


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