What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?

As of February 1, 2022, we have updated our standard payment system and as such, the checkout process is slightly different from our previous one. You can read more about our new PayPal Payments solution for sellers here.

You may still find some sellers that are on the legacy payment system and that have a different checkout process, depending on which payment methods they accept. The following document explains possible steps for both types of sellers.



Invoice Sent: All orders using the new PayPal Payments solution should arrive as Payment Received, as the buyer sends payment as part of their checkout process. If the order page does not automatically update to Payment Received, it means that the buyer did not complete the checkout process properly and payment was not sent. For more information please read the section What should a seller do if an order is in the Invoice Sent status? in our related FAQ article.

If the seller is still using our legacy system, this order status indicates that the buyer hasn’t paid for their order yet. As a buyer, please use the checkout button to send payment to the seller. Remember that you are expected to pay for your order within 4 days maximum.

If you have any questions, please communicate with the seller using the order page or contact us.


Payment Pending: When a payment is sent, but does not clear right away, PayPal marks this payment as pending. Typically, this is the result of an e-check. The Discogs order page will also reflect this pending payment by updating the order status to Payment Pending. When the payment clears, Discogs will update the order to “Payment Received”. We advise our sellers to wait until the order is set to Payment Received before sending out your items.

Payment Received: After a buyer makes payment, orders will move straight to Payment Received status. At this point, the ability to adjust the order status via the order page is no longer available.

For sellers using the legacy system, they should manually change the order to this status once the payment has been received/cleared. At this status, the seller is preparing the order for shipment. 

Payment received

In Progress: The seller received the payment and is preparing the order for the shipment. This is an optional order status that can be used in between “Payment Received” and “Shipped”. This status can be enabled to let buyers know that their order is being processed, being packed or ready to be shipped. It can only be used following the Payment Received status; sellers cannot skip to or revert back to this status.

This status can be especially useful for big sellers that need to search for the record in their warehouse. Sellers can leave an optional courtesy message to inform the buyers about the progress of the order directly in the comment box that appears when "In Progress" is selected.

Shipped: The seller should set the order to this status once the order has been shipped to the buyer. If applicable, be sure to post the tracking number on the order page!

Merged: The seller has merged this order with one or more orders with the same buyer. This helps keep track of all items ordered by the same buyer!

Cancellations: The order has been cancelled, either by the seller or automatically after no payment was received. Please read further in the following document to learn more about order cancellations, and regarding how refunds work on an order page: Types Of Order Cancellations


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