What Do The Different Order Statuses Mean?

Buyer Contacted: An order updates to Buyer Contacted automatically when a seller posts a message on an order in New Order status. There is no need to select this status.


Invoice Sent: This event indicates that the seller has added a shipping price and sent an invoice to the buyer. The order is ready for payment.


Payment Pending: An order is automatically updated to Payment Pending if the buyer uses the “Checkout using PayPal” button on the order page to send their payment. Please note that the seller should not use this status as a reminder to the buyer to submit payment; Invoice Sent is the only order status where a buyer can send payment.

After the payment is sent, the seller will need to confirm it. If the payment clears but is not confirmed by the seller, the buyer can message the seller directly on the order page. 

Payment Received: The seller should change the order to this status once the payment has been received/cleared. At this status, the seller is preparing the order for shipment. 

Shipped: The seller should set the order to this status once the order has been shipped to the buyer. If applicable, be sure to post the tracking number on the order page!

Merged: The seller has merged this order with one or more orders with the same buyer. This helps keep track of all items ordered by the same buyer!

Cancellations: The order has been cancelled, either by the seller or automatically after no payment was received. Please read further in the following document to learn more about order cancellations, and regarding how refunds work on an order page: Types Of Order Cancellations


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