How Do I Refund An Order?

Sometimes it will be necessary for a seller to provide a partial or full refund for an order. To submit a refund, click the More button on an Order page and then select Send Refund. Unless you want to issue a full refund and cancel, do not cancel the order. This will prevent you from being able to partially refund the order. For more information about the cancellation, please visit How To Cancel An Order As A Seller

The Send Refund feature is available for 90 days after the order has been created. It is available only if the order is in the status Payment Received or Shipped.

Once you've selected Send Refund, a pop-up menu will appear.

the image shows the new refund pop-up

If you select a Full Refund, you will be asked to confirm and send the entire amount back to the buyer:

the image shows the full refund option pop up

If you select a partial refund, you will be able to enter specific refund amounts for each item in the order and for the cost of shipping:

the image shows the partial refund option

In the example above, a seller refunded $1.25 towards the cost of the first item and $1.00 towards the cost of the third. The seller will also be refunded the appropriate amount of tax, when applicable. You can partially refund any of the items in an order or leave a field blank and no refund amount will be submitted for that item.

More About Refunds

Discogs makes it easy to partially or fully refund any order. A few more things you should know:

If the refund includes cents, don’t forget to use a dot ( . ) and not a comma ( , ) to separate the dollars and cents. This applies to all currencies.

When you partially refund an item and/or shipping cost, you will also receive a partial refund on the selling fee.

PayPal might not refund their fees in certain cases. We recommend contacting them for more information. You can also read here to know more about PayPal transaction fees.

Please note that generally, sellers must have enough funds in their PayPal balance to cover a refund. These funds must sufficiently cover the total order amount as well as any associated PayPal fees. That said, depending on the seller’s region PayPal will try a secondary source (for example, a credit card or bank account) if the PayPal balance is not enough to cover the refund. For clarity on how your refunds are processed, please contact PayPal.

If the refund doesn’t go through immediately, the order page will update with the “Refund pending” status. This is the case where the seller submits a refund, but the buyer has not received it yet. You can see also a green banner on the order page confirming the process:


In cases where the Send Refund option is no longer available on the order page, please contact our support team for assistance with refunding. 


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