How Do I Refund An Order?

Sometimes it will be necessary for a seller to provide a partial or full refund for an order. The Send Refund feature is available for 90 days after the order has been created. It is available only if the order is in the status Payment Received or Shipped.

As a seller, you can choose one of two options when refunding a buyer:

  • refund the buyer using PayPal directly. If you need assistance, you can visit here.
  • use the Send Refund feature on the order page by clicking on the More button

A pop up will ask you to enter the total amount you're refunding.

If the refund includes cents, don’t forget to use a dot ( . ) and not a comma ( , ) to separate the dollars and cents. This applies to all currencies.

Note: Do not process the refund in both locations, as this will result in a second refund. If this happens please, ask your buyer to pay you back the second refund. As we don’t have access to refunds, we cannot reverse them.

The order page will be updated accordingly and the payment will be returned to the buyer in the payment method they used for the original transaction. The refund includes any fees and taxes collected at the time of payment (UK VAT, EU VAT, AU GST, NZ GST, JCT, US Marketplace Facilitator, and any other order taxes).

PayPal might not refund their fees in certain cases. We recommend contacting them for more information. You can also read here to know more about PayPal transaction fees.

In general, we recommend that you refund on the Discogs order page, rather than within PayPal. For more information about the PayPal refund process you can visit PayPal refund support page.

Please note that sellers must have enough money already in their PayPal account to issue a refund. Previously, PayPal would withdraw enough from the seller’s funding source to cover a refund (for example, credit card or bank account). Now, sellers will need enough funds in their PayPal Balance to cover a refund. These funds must sufficiently cover the total order amount as well as any associated PayPal fees.

There are two situations where the “Send Refund” option is not available on the order page:

  • When the order is canceled before sending the refund. In this case, please refund the buyer using the payment method used for the order. The order page will reflect the refund automatically and all your fees will be refunded.
  • When the order is older than 90 days. In this case, please refund your buyer using the payment method used for the order. All the fees and taxes will be refunded accordingly.

Partial refund

When issuing a partial refund on an order where Discogs collected sales tax, enter the full amount that you wish to return to the buyer. 

Note: When you issue a refund the proportion of the Partner Commission (Discogs’ selling fee and any sales tax collected in the original transaction) will be automatically calculated and remitted to the buyer. 

In the below example, the seller is refunding a partial amount of $4.00 of the total $9.60 order total. 

partial refund screen showing the partial refund amount of 4USD

$4.00 is the total refunded amount that the buyer will receive, however this refunded amount will only draw $3.45 from the seller’s PayPal account. The remaining $0.55 of this amount will be automatically calculated and remitted to the buyer by PayPal, returning the proportion of the Partner Commission (Discogs’ selling fee and any sales tax collected in the original transaction). 


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