How Do I Refund An Order?

Sometimes it will be necessary for a seller to provide a partial or full refund for an order. In that case, it is possible for buyers and sellers to assist each other in confirming the refund in order to automatically credit back the sales fees for the seller.


To mark a refund on the order page:

  1. Before using the "Mark as Refund Sent" feature, be sure that you have issued the refund through the original payment method. For instance, if the buyer paid with PayPal, you will need to send a PayPal refund to the buyer for the relevant amount.
  2. On the order page, click the "More" button and select the "Mark As Refund Sent" option:
  3. A pop up will ask you to enter the total amount you're refunding.


To issue a refund via the Discogs Payments system, please follow the same steps as above.

  1. Click "Send Refund" and select either "Refund order total" or input a partial refund amount, as necessary. 
  2. Confirm the refund and the buyer's credit card will be refunded immediately.
  3. Please do not cancel the order prior to issuing the refund. This will prevent the buyer from properly being refunded.


  • Note: The "Mark as Refund Sent" order status is available only to sellers when an order is marked "Payment Received" or "Shipped".
  • If the refund includes cents, don’t forget to us a dot ( . ) and not a comma ( , ) to separate the dollars and cents. This applies to all currencies.


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