How Can I Remove An Item From An Order Page?

Sellers can remove individual items from an order directly on the order page. This should only be done prior to payment being received. If the buyer has already paid for the items, please use our refund feature to adjust the order and sales fees.

If you need to remove an item from an order, please do the following:

  1. Selecting the item(s) to be removed from the order using the check box next to the item(s) in the order.
  2. Selecting the “Remove Item(s)” button.

The buyer will be notified of the removal. Items removed from an order can be re-listed for sale on the Inventory page. If not re-listed, they remain marked as "sold" but no fee will be charged to the seller.

After an item or items are removed from an order, the seller will no longer be able to edit the order. Further adjustments will need to be made by support staff, via a support request.

Removing items also removes the option to cancel the order as "Non-Paying Buyer." To have the order cancelled due to non-payment, the seller will need to contact support staff. 


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