What Are Seller Terms?

Sellers are expected to provide clear information regarding their shipping and return policies, which are to be placed within their Seller Terms.

Buyers should be able to see, in advance, exactly what shipping costs they will be paying, regardless of the item or shipping method, on top of the purchase price. This is part of our Seller Policy.

Sellers can manage their Seller Terms from their Seller Settings page by scrolling down to the section that says Seller Terms, underneath the Shipping Policies section.

Where can I view Seller Terms?

The information entered in the Seller Terms text box will be visible on the bottom of the page for every item the seller lists for sale. The information will also be exposed if a buyer clicks on the "View Seller Terms" button for the item for sale:


Seller terms can also be viewed directly from a seller's profile page:


You can also view the seller's terms from the cart before placing the order:

What needs to be included in the Seller Terms?

Sellers must provide the following information in their Seller Terms:

  • Information about returning and refunding items, including if the seller agrees or does not agree to pay for return shipping when a return is requested. (*Sellers must comply with their local laws and regulations with regards to returns and refunds).
  • How many days it takes to ship an order once payment is received. If this timeframe is not stated in the Seller Terms, the buyer may request a cancellation due to “Item Unavailable” when the order is not shipped within four days of payment received.
  • Any regional sales tax the seller is required to collect by law. 

If your Seller Terms are incomplete, it may mean that your financial provider for the transaction will rule against you should a dispute arise. Further, incomplete Seller Terms may also affect the outcome of a Feedback Removal Request. 


Please find an example of basic Seller Terms here:

Image og Example of Seller Terms

Please remember that Seller Terms must align with the policies of their accepted payment methods. Any information in the Seller Terms that does not align with the policies of the seller’s accepted payment methods will be not be recognised or enforced by Discogs.


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