What Are Shipping Terms?

Sellers are expected to provide clear shipping information, which is to be placed within their Shipping Terms. Buyers should be able to see, in advance, exactly what shipping costs they will be paying, regardless of the item or shipping method, on top of the purchase price. This is part of our Sales & Transactions Policy.

You can manage your Shipping Terms from your Seller Settings page. Scroll down to the section that says Shipping Terms, underneath the Shipping Policies section.

The information entered in the Shipping Terms text box will be visible on the bottom of the page for every item you list for sale. The information will also be exposed if a buyer clicks on the "View Shipping and Payment Information" button for the item for sale. You are required to provide clear and detailed information on the actual shipping prices here. This means the prices for the various shipping methods you offer to all the countries you ship to.

  • You are required to have Shipping Terms listed, even if you set up an automated Shipping Policy. Sellers will need to save Shipping Terms before the Shipping Policies editor is accessible.

Here is a very basic example of what we consider to be acceptable Shipping Terms:


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