How Do I Pay My Discogs Sales Fees? 

Currently there are two different ways that sales fees can be paid:

  • If you have already onboarded to the new PayPal payments system, the sales fee will automatically be deducted from the order amount when the buyer sends you payment. There is no longer a separate monthly sales fee invoice!
  • If you haven’t onboarded to the new payment system, you will need to pay your invoice on the billing page. Read further on how to pay that monthly invoice.


You can view your invoice details, history, billing date, and fee credit history on the billing page. (Or select Billing from the Marketplace drop-down menu on the top of your screen).

If you have an invoice due, payment can be made by clicking the "Pay invoice" link on the billing page:



The Discogs sales fees can be paid using the following payment methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • PayPal (PayPal eChecks may take 7-10 business days to be processed).
  • Money Order or Cashiers Check (Sent via mail to the address printed on your invoice).

Note that Discogs is currently not able to accept bank or wire transfers.


General information regarding the Discogs invoice:

  • If you don't see an option to pay on the billing page, you don't have an invoice due at this time.
  • When listing your items in other currencies than US Dollar, please note that the fee is calculated in US Dollar according to the exchange rate valid on the day that the item is listed for sale.
  • The fee showing on your Inventory page is the accurate fee that will be invoiced when an item is sold and will also be visible on the order page.
  • Please note that Discogs sales fees are separate from any transaction fees that may occur for using a payment site such as PayPal. 
  • Have you been invoiced for an incomplete order? Please have a look at our documents Why Have I Received A Seller’s Fee Invoice For A Cancelled/Incomplete Order? and How Do I Get A Sales Fee Credit?


Additional taxes on your invoice:

  • Sellers in Japan and the EU may also see an applicable Consumption Tax fee. In the EU, this VAT will vary in accordance with the appropriate rate for your member country. For further details on Discogs and VAT, please see our VAT Guideline.

  • If the buyer is situated in a MPF state where Discogs needs to collect the US sales tax, this tax will first be paid directly on the order page by the buyer and then collected again on the sales fee invoice. You can learn more about it here: U.S. Sales Tax In The Discogs Marketplace


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