How Do I Get A Selling Fee Credit? 

Selling fee credits are issued when a seller sends their buyer either a partial or full refund. These credits are automatically calculated and issued when a seller sends a refund using the Send Refund option on the Discogs order page. The selling fee credit will be sent to the seller’s linked PayPal account.

For more information on how to issue your buyer a refund, please review our separate help document: How Do I Refund An Order? As a reminder, please be sure to refund the buyer before canceling the order. If you cancel the order before refunding, please contact us for further assistance.

Note: The Send Refund feature is only available for 90 days after the order has been created. It is available only if the order is in the status Payment Received or Shipped. Discogs does not issue sales fee credits for orders that are more than 90 days old.

If you have issued a refund and you have questions about the selling fee credit and how it was calculated, please contact our support team.


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