I Had An Unpleasant Interaction With A Buyer. How Can I Report This?

We recognize that conflict on an order can be very upsetting, and we appreciate the emotional impact this process can have. If you have experienced an order where a buyer or seller was abusive (using profanity, issuing threats, attempting to intimidate you into violating policies or sending private messages through Discogs that are also abusive), or has not followed our Sales & Transactions Policy, then please contact us and do not continue to engage with the user in any fashion. Our staff will take over from there, review all communication thoroughly and take any appropriate action following review.  

We ban accounts only as a matter of last-resort, or in extreme cases. In most cases, we start by warning users of violations of policy and other issues, then providing guidance aimed at peaceful and mutually beneficial resolution. 

Once all issues on the order are resolved, we encourage you to leave honest, well-reasoned feedback. Keep in mind, if your feedback violates our Feedback Guidelines, it will be subject to permanent removal without warning.


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