Why Can’t I Change The Status Of An Order?

  • Changing order status after 90 days is not possible.
  • If the order was cancelled as Item Not Available, it’s not possible to put the order back to an active status.
  • If you’ve removed an item from the order, you cannot cancel it as Non-Paying Buyer. An order can also not be cancelled if it’s in the status Payment Received or Shipped.
  • As a seller, you cannot progress an order backwards. So for example, you cannot move an order from Payment Received to Invoice Sent to restart the order workflow. 
  • If you are still using our legacy payment system and you are trying to cancel an order but unable to do so, it’s likely that Discogs has already invoiced you for this order. Sellers cannot cancel an order once they have been issued an invoice with that order on it. Once again, please contact Discogs Support for assistance.
  • All orders should arrive as Payment Received, as the buyer sends payment as part of their checkout process. If the order page does not automatically update to Payment Received, it means that the buyer did not complete the checkout process properly and payment was not sent. The status cannot be updated manually and will be updated automatically to “Payment Received” when the payment is done. In most cases, the buyer can still send payment on the order page by clicking the green “Checkout Now” button.
  • Remember that only sellers can change the status of an order. If you are a buyer and want to see the order status updated, write to your seller on the order page. If they don’t respond within four days, you can file a Seller Not Responding report. 


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