How Do I Accept An Offer?

As a seller, you can use the "Allow Offers" feature to let buyers know that you are willing to consider a lower offering price on an item.

When listing a new item, or editing already listed item(s) for sale, you can select the "Allow offers on this item" checkbox. The "Enable offers on all items" link located at the bottom of the edit page can be used to allow offers on many items at once.

After an offer is made:

  1. You will be notified that there is a pending offer by either email, your Discogs inbox, and/or on top of the order page.
  2. You have 5 days to accept or decline any offers made
  3. If the offer is accepted it will be converted to an order at the accepted offer price and then you and the buyer will receive order/purchase confirmations as with a normal order. The system will select the cheapest shipping cost available for the item(s) purchased by the buyer. If you need to change the shipping cost, you can do so by clicking the blue "Edit" button next to the shipping cost before the buyer has paid for the order.
  4. If the offer is declined, or not responded to, the person who made the offer will be sent an automated message informing them that the offer was declined. The declined offer will disappear from the Seller's Order page.


  1. A single buyer can only make 1 offer per item.
  2. A buyer that was previously declined can make a new offer on the same item only if a seller re-lists an item for sale (the item then needs to have a new listing ID).
  3. There can be multiple offers by different buyers on a single item at any given time.
  4. While an offer is pending (not accepted) on an item, that item may still be purchased by any buyer in the Marketplace.
  5. If you edit an item while an offer is pending it will be declined.
  6. If a buyer requests cancellation of an order after you've accepted an offer, note that relisting that item for sale from the order page will set the item's price at the level of the buyer's offer. To restore the original listing price of the item, please relist from your inventory page.


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