The Buyer’s Discogs Address Is Different From Their PayPal Address. What Should I Do?

The best thing to do in this situation is to establish contact with the buyer. There are many reasons why a buyer may have two different addresses, and it’s best you clarify with the buyer which address he or she wishes to use.

If you are unable to reach the buyer, use your best discretion as to what is best for the situation:

  • If you choose to cancel the order, please use the option "Per Buyer's Request". Should the buyer leave negative feedback to complain about the cancellation, you can file a formal review request and the feedback will be removed.
  • If you do wish to send the item, note the buyer’s Discogs address is passed to PayPal and is the address associated with the transaction. The seller is eligible for Seller Protection by using the buyers’ Discogs address, even if it differs from the address that’s in the buyers’ PayPal settings. The buyer may select another address at the last moment when confirming their PayPal payment. If the address is left untouched, there will be no discrepancy. 


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